Copper Therapy Lights

Chakra Crystal Light Beds

Healing for  your soul


Hi my name is Lori I am a Reiki Master/Teacher/Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer.

 I created Copper Therapy Lights to make affordable light therapy for any business or home. 

What is chroma /color therapy. It is using the vibration frequency of color to balance your body and your 7 chakras

These lights swivel to make it possible to aim at the needed Chakra for color therapy healing.  with the healing attributes of copper.

These would be perfect above a Reiki Table or just above your regular bed. they measure around 28-30 inches long.

Wand Flash Lights

Clear Quartz Chakra Light 

Pyramid massage table with crystal chakra lights

 3 wand and 3 sets of crystals and light